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Liquid Dragon's job on the toy soldier franchise was to upgrade the graphics engine to DX11 generation graphics as well as add support for next-gen consoles.
The previous engine was DX9 generation code or older so a lot of re-architecting was necessary. We also had to implement a series of new features to take advantage of next-generation graphics.
Specific tasks included:
  • Writing a new layered material terrain texturing system as well as the accompanying tool suite.
  • Developing a new UV mapping solver to prevent UV stretching issues on the terrain heightfield.
  • Porting the rendering pipeline to PS4.
  • Implementing a new exponential shadow maps system that was more suited to the scale of the game's environments.
  • Developing a large scale vegetation system with wind waves simulation.
  • Implementing HBAO as a post-process pass.
  • Implementing tone mapping as a post-process pass.
  • Implementing depth of field as a post-process pass.
  • Adding support for decals.
  • Adding support for enhanced lighting features.
  • re-writing the animation system to avoid previous popping artefacts.
  • Fixing a number of graphical bugs and issues.
  • Performance optimization.

screenshot screenshot

screenshot screenshot screenshot