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Liquid Dragon was in charge of a large portion of the graphics pipeline on Middle-Earth Shadow of War.
On top of improving the pipeline architecture, Liquid Dragon developed a number of new graphics features for Monolith's engine.
Specific tasks included:
  • Developing a brand new large-scale vegetation system. This included developing the streaming and rendering pipeline as well as the physics simulation code to handle complex interactions with wind and physical objects.
  • Developing a new global wind simulation system for the game world, allowing complex large scale behaviors as well as small scale localized wind effects. This included handling the interaction of the wind system with all the different dynamic systems in the game (Rigid body physics, cloth physics, vegetation, particles...).
  • Implementing a GPU based cloth simulation physics system that could interact with characters and other environmental effects.
  • Implementing a new severing solution that allowed for different body parts to be severed.
  • Adding support for Dynamic Resolution throughout the rendering pipeline.
  • Developing a new hair rendering shader for all the characters and creature.
  • Adding support for mesh particle emitters.
  • Researching and implementing a novel Temporal Anti-Aliasing solution.
  • Optimizing the game's scar rendering system.
  • Adding support for compute shaders.
  • Overall pipeline optimizations.
  • Porting the rendering engine to DX12.

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screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot